CubieTruck Flash NAND from Linux

In this article, we'll be able flash the operating system into to nand memory CubieTruck using the cable OTG and the program for the processor A20 Allwinner - LiveSuite

Download system for nand install example

Debieez" (NAND port of Cubieez done by Cubietech)

Linaro for nand,

Install LiveSuite

cd /FolderWhereInstallLiveSuite

git clone

cd FolderWhereInstallLiveSuite/sunxi-livesuite/

Read ReadMe File:


Do Steps:

apt-get install dkms

cd /FolderWhereInstallLiveSuite/awusb/


Add module:

sudo insmod awusb.ko

And Run LiveSuite as Root:

cd FolderWhereInstallLiveSuite/sunxi-livesuite/

sudo ./

Turn off CubieTruck, (unplug power cabel jack, when flash use only OTG Cable)

Select an image in the program LiveSuite

Push button EFL, and plug in OTG (USB) cable


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